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Babyboom Learning Company Limited wasfounded in October 2001 by a group of professionals who are deeply concernedabout the development of children. We select high-quality teaching materials, educationaltoys and motor skills development equipments from all over the world at yourconvenience. We engage in wholesale, retail and export sales.


Babyboom believes that education is pivotalto a child’s development. We are committed to nurture a generation of peoplewho will enjoy learning, be good communicators, be courageous in acceptingresponsibilities and be creative and innovative. Hence, an assortment ofeducational kits ranging from educational toys to teaching materials cateredfor kids from newborn to 12 years old have been chosen to develop yourchildren’s multiple intelligence (MI) and to enhance a closer parent-childrelationship. 

Bringing up a child is a long-term undertaking. We are very willing to become a“compass” of the children, helping them to locate a direction full of interestand inspirations. May we work in partnership to give them a more diversifiedway of learning in such a way that your babies will “boom” on their way togrowing up.